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Introducing CEREC®

Our primary concern is the benefit and care of our patients. Our team strives to satisfy our patients with the highest quality of Dental Care. To our patients benefit, we have recently introduced CEREC to our Practice.

What is it?
CEREC® is the only system in the world for the fabrication of all- ceramic dental restorations in just ONE visit. CEREC® closely matches the composition of natural tooth structure. Because CEREC® materials are chemically bonded to the tooth, there is less drilling required to accommodate the restoration. This process saves as much of the healthy tooth tissue as possible while strengthening the tooth's structure. The visit is mostly done in a one-visit appointment. It uses 3D technology via computer to take pictures of where the crown, inlay or only will go so it can make an exact fit for where it will be placed. The tooth is then shaped to align with the rest of your teeth for a more comfortable and efficient feel.

What is your benefit?

  • No longer have to come in for 2 separate visits for a crown; CEREC® now completes them in ONE visit (usually an hour and a half) !
  • No longer have to deal with a temporary crown that may end up falling off.
  • Helps prevent the tooth from cracking.
  • Has a very natural look to it.

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