Candid Clear Aligners

Straight Teeth Without Traditional Braces

Candid clear aligners gradually shift your teeth into place over several months using a series of clear plastic trays.


What is the Candid Difference

  • Invisible straightening solution
  • Only two in-person dental visits
  • Share progress photos with your dentist remotely
  • Faster results than traditional braces
  • Half the price of traditional clear aligners

CANDID clear aligners provide a range of benefits that distinguish them as a superior alternative to metal braces. These include their removability, transparency, comfort, and superior hygienics. CANDID clear aligners are removable clear plastic aligners used to correct minor to severe tooth misalignments such as crooked teeth, gaps, and overcrowding. This is an alternative orthodontic treatment to metal braces. You need to wear your clear aligners for 22 hours per day and change the aligners every 2 weeks. With each new aligner, your teeth will continually shift closer to your desired alignment.

During your consultation, we will analyze your bite and oral health to determine if you’re a good candidate for CANDID clear aligners. After taking digital impressions and scans of your teeth, these are sent to the CANDID lab, where a certified orthodontist with at least 20 years of experience will formulate a treatment plan that will correct your misalignment. They use the scans we have taken of your teeth to digitally map out your tooth movements. Then, they create custom-made aligners based on impressions that were taken of your teeth. Within just a few weeks, your aligners will be fabricated and received. Throughout the rest of your treatment, you will not need to return to our office for routine appointments. You will use the CANDID app for remote monitoring by a certified orthodontist for professional expertise and ultimate convenience. Instead of needing to make in-office trips, your progress will be tracked through the app, where you will upload photos of your teeth for your dentist to check on. You will receive immediate feedback. They will keep an eye on your progress and approve your continuation onto the next set of aligners. Your final set of aligners will be used as your retainer.

The length of orthodontic treatment always varies depending on the individual’s tooth alignment and severity. However, the average length of treatment is much shorter than braces and even shorter than other clear aligner brands like Invisalign. Most patients complete their treatment in 4 to 12 months. The less severe your alignment is, the less time it will take to correct it. Patients with misaligned bites are not good candidates for CANDID clear aligners. However, if you want to correct tooth misalignment, contact us at today to schedule a consultation to speak with our specialists.

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